Building the Bridge to Better Style



Hey, thanks for stopping by to visit Bridge to Style! A website that provides personal styling services, a fashion look book, traveling insights, inspiration, and so much more related to living your most fulfilling life.

My name is Bridget and by day I am an intermediate elementary teacher and by night I find myself in the fashion, self-empowering, and self-development world. I created this business/blog with one small dream in mind; to help women be the best version of themselves.

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I believe one way to live a more purposeful life is to dress in what makes us feel amazing, which in turns releases confidence and positive energy into the world. I also believe this physical change will help us find our purpose and drive for living. Not auto-pilot living, but living in the present moment and constantly learning about ourselves in order to be better than we were yesterday.

Bridge To Style isn’t just focusing on style in terms of fashion but also the style of your life. It is focusing on building the bridge to bettering all aspects of your life that make you a better human being. At Bridge To Style we do this by reading books, traveling to new places, connecting with women similar and different than us, creating our mantra, trying something new, learning from others, focusing on our health, listening to podcasts, discussing our life experiences, and the list goes on.

I host a book-club you can find on Facebook @BridgeToStyleBookClub, a space where women discuss the book of the month and the life experiences and struggles we relate to within the pages of the book. If you would like to join, click the link above.

I live and breathe these blocks of my life, so in my free time I love reading books and watching documentaries on anything that gives me more knowledge and new ways to look at the world. I find my jam in DIY projects where I get to paint or decorate something in an innovative way.

So my new friend, if any of this connects or resonates with you, then I ask you to stick around and join the journey, subscribe, don’t subscribe, it doesn’t matter, but know you are always welcome and I look forward to learning about you and your experiences in life and how we can help each other be our best versions, and live out our purpose.

XO -Bridget

Building the Bridge To Better Style