Building the Bridge to Better Style

Did You Know?

The average women spends $3,400 dollars a year on clothing and apparel. That's $283.33 a month on clothes.

About 20% of that clothes goes unworn each year.  

That's 1 in 5 pieces of clothing that the world will never see. 

$510 is wasted each year on unworn clothing in your closet. This is where a stylist can help you. A stylist will organize your closet, teach you how to shop for your body type, and mix and match your current wardrobe.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could hire a personal stylist to help you save money in the long run? 



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Ready To walk Your bridge to style?      

  • To feel confident each day

  •  To stop wasting money on clothes you'll never wear

  • To clean out and organize your closet 

  • To get professional advice on your current wardrobe

  • To discover your personal style and what works for your body type

Take the personal style questionnaire below if you aren’t sure what service you may need and a stylist will help you out, or schedule a service using our easy scheduling tool.