Personal Style Questionnaire

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Phone Number
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What time is best to contact you?
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Do you go from gym to work? Always have dinner plans after work? Is there a dress code at work? What is the dress code? Describe it below.
Describe your concerns and challenges below
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If you also know what style you think you might like to try but your wardrobe doesn't currently reflect that you could write about that as well.
Do you often buy shirts but then don't have any bottoms to pair with them, or vice versa?
What is your go-to outfit? *
For example is there a specific shirt you always wear when you don't know what else to wear?
If you aren't sure what colors to wear with your skin tone let us know that. If you want to add more color to your wardrobe let us know that too.
Where do you fit in the categories below? *
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Do you shop at consignment or second-hand stores? *
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List online stores, apps, second-hand, etc
Where do you get fashion inspiration? *
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What do you LOVE to buy? *
For example I tend to have a lot of pants. I love to buy pants versus anything else, but lack shirts.
Think about alterations, dry cleaning
How much money do you budget for your wardrobe? *
What body feature/s do you like to show off? *
Check all that apply.
What body features do you try to hide? *
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Mine is red, and that is important to know when deciding what colors to wear.
If you don't like to wear a certain fabric list why.
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