Must-Have's in your Closet

Some of our closets these days may be very minimalistic and some of our closets may be over filled with clothing we don’t wear anymore or when we are in closets we find something and say to ourselves, “I forgot I had this!” Or we might catch ourselves saying, “I can only wear this shirt with a certain bottom and I don’t have that piece. “ If you are either looking to have less in your wardrobe or you are simply starting from scratch, I highly recommend continue reading this blog and downloading my “Essentials” list.

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As a stylist, I work to teach women how to maintain a wardrobe where each piece they have is versatile. Meaning you can where it with more than one, two, or even three pieces of clothing. Understanding your style and keeping essentials not only makes it easier to get dressed in the morning but it helps you save time and money. It prevents you from buying a pair of pants specifically for one shirt and vice versa. Every piece you have should have multiple ways to style it.

One way I can help you with this is by giving you the essentials you MUST HAVE in your closet. These pieces you purchase depends on your style. Below I am going to list the essentials but you can also download the “Essentials” PDF.


  • 1 dressy tank in white

  • 1 dressy tank in black

  • 5 blouses

  • Neutral linen shirt

  • White t-shirt

  • Black t-shirt

Unless I specified the color, the choice is up to you! The blouses can be any print or color, this is where you determine what you like, which in turn gives you your personal style.


  • 3 dress pants

  • 3 pairs of jeans

  • Leather jacket

  • Denim jacket

  • Trench coat

  • Black blazer

  • White or lighter color blazer


  • Gold necklace

  • Silver necklace

  • Diamond studs

  • Multi-color statement earring

  • Neutral statement earring

  • Printed silk scarf

  • Nude or camel color bag

  • Black bag

  • Gold watch

  • Black watch


  • Nude pointed toe flat or mule

  • Black pointed toe flat or mule

  • Cute sneaker

  • Black heel

  • Nude heel

  • Multi-print/colored heel

Again ladies, make this your own! The shoes can be any style you like, just stick to the color scheme. Also for the cute sneaker look at your closet and see what color you have most of and determine which color sneaker to purchase based on that because you are looking for versatility!

If you have questions about how to follow and use this list on your own don’t hesitate to comment below! If you feel like you are still struggling and are ready to take the step to hire a stylist at Bridge To Style, fill out the questionnaire below and we can get started!

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