How To Wear (faux) Leather Shorts


I absolutely love these shorts! I paired them with some plain black loafers and a graphic tee. Any graphic tee would pair great with this in the color palettes of red, grey, white, or black. If you are going for an outfit to go out in you could pair with a crop top. I will wear these in the winter too with tights and furry sweaters! (Let's not talk about winter though because its 85 degrees in Kentucky right now!)

Wear I would wear it: To lunch or dinner with friends, runnings errands, or if i was headed to a friend’s gathering. You probably thought… “Why would you wear this when running errands?”, but the thing is this outfit is very comfortable and easy, and you’ll look great running errands. What you wear is all about how you feel on the inside and what you want to tell the world. 

Shop the look:

Graphic Tee: I bought a while ago at Forever 21 but you could find lots of great graphic tees made locally to make this outfit your own. Shop Local Kentucky in Lexington has some cute shirts, I like this one and the red with the black pairs well together:

If you aren't a teacher though... I really like this t-shirt from a shop on Etsy...#girlpower



These aren’t the loafers I have on, but this is a good alternative at a good price.


This bag is great for traveling because it has RFID protection (this protects you against electronic pickpocketing and skimming) and is for a very good price!

Let me know what you think and if you have further questions.

XO Bridget