5 Ways To Get Inspired

Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired or motivated to do what you need to do when you just aren’t feeling it. It can be very hard for me to do my job when I am not inspired. It takes a lot of energy and focus. So, I developed some ways for myself to get my head back in the grind which I hope will help you too. Sometimes I wonder why I lose inspiration. Anyone else? I believe it is because I lose focus of the purpose of the project or end goal. I become consumed in the minor details but forget the big picture. This in turn means I have lost true passion for the project. My business, projects, or anything I am trying to achieve are all about creating something unique. However, if I lose who I am and focus more on what others are doing, I then hurt myself, as well as my goal. So, I always  take a step back and regain momentum in the direction needed by following some or all of these ideas below.  

Watch inspirational videos

Watching inspirational videos like the ones below really help get your mind back on track and push you to be productive. Nothing better than some powerful words and a great theme. I really don’t think I can narrow down to just one because there are SO many amazing videos that inspire thought, change, and finding yourself. So I’ll link a few. Sorry in advance, some are very long, but oh so good.

An entrepreneur looking for ways to change your leadership style? Check out this video

Overwhelmed with life and having a feeling of self-doubt? Check out this video with Mel Robbins:

Steve Jobs speaking at Stanford and giving great life advice on living in the now, in this video

Jim Carrey with Oprah on how to visualize your dreams and reaching success:

I really just can’t get enough of Jim Carrey, his story, and the way he views life, so here are two more videos to inspire you:

10 Tips on Being Successful

This video is kind of long but TOTALLY worth it!

Read an inspirational book

Although reading a book isn’t a quick fix to get inspired it may be a long- term fix. When I read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert it took me just a few days, but that book changed my life! Talk about a book that makes you think about the world differently! Big Magic discussed how the Universe spreads ideas from person to person. Elizabeth wrote it beautifully and eloquently. If you read Eat, Pray, Love, then you will love this book. (I read both J) I also recommend these two books below as well! The Yellow Envelope is about a travel journey a husband and wife take, but with lots of twists and added interests. When to Jump: If The Job You Have Isn’t The Life You Want, is a book with 46 short stories of people who have left jobs to pursue their passions. This book is for anyone who feels “stuck” in their current career or job and feels they aren’t pursuing their passion.




Get off the couch!

Yes, you heard me. Stop thinking  and talking about what you should do, and just do it. Insert Nike swoosh. Get off the couch, or the chair or wherever it is you find yourself getting comfortable, and just do what you need to do. Give yourself 3 seconds. Count 3…2…1… blast off like you’re taking off. I promise you it works even if it makes you feel like a little kid again… it will force you to move. Watch Mel Robbins Video that I linked above or click here.

Change your scenery

Find a park, coffee shop, book store, bench, go to the gym, or a place you will find relaxation and beautiful scenery. Try not to think about the current project or piece which is causing you to lack inspiration and focus. If you can’t seem to get forget about it, then find some place to sit and let your mind rest. As your mind begins to rest you will begin to subconsciously think about your purpose and when something sparks your brain will naturally “wake you up” and tell you “Don’t forget this”. When this moment happens you know you have ignited your inspiration again. It may take a few days to rebirth but when it does you will be back to your grind.

Make a list

I often find I lose inspiration because there are too many things on my mind that I need to complete or remember. When this happens, I find I can’t stay dedicated to the task I am working on in fear I will forget something else I need to do. So, make a list of everything you have to do. Then determine your deadlines and begin with what’s due first and from there what is most time consuming or least fun task. If you get those completed, then move onto everything else after that because once you complete a task you have been dreading you will feel more accomplished and will want to continue because you have more fun things to look forward to.